PALU. (04/02) Construction of shalter in Palu synergy between Rumah Zakat and 40 donators attracted the attention of Foreign Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) such as Penny Appeal from England. Following up on this, Penny Appeal immediately came to Palu to see the situation firsthand. The arrival of Penny Appeal was welcomed by Joko Pamungkas as Overseas Management of Rumah Zakat. Joko Pamungkas accompanied Penny Appeal to review the location of shelter and assessment facilities at shelter. Referring to the results of Penny Appel’s assessment, they decided to build two playgrounds in the shelter area.


Penny Appeal will provide all Palyground building needs. “Playground is an important part of the healing and recovery trauma process for children here. They must be sure not to lose their playing space to stimulate good growth and development, “said Anggela, as Asia Regional Program Coordinator (India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar)


In the future, Penny Appeal is also willing to continue to be able to cooperate with Rumah Zakat, especially through programs related to recovery of Palu and Sigi. This is a response to the construction of 200 temporary shelters for earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction in Palu.


The inauguration of the temporary residence was held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 then, on Jalan Dayo II Block F, Talise Subdistrict, Mantikulore District, Palu City. This is a step that continues to be developed by Rumah Zakat to be able to spread goodness not only in Indonesia but also the world.

Especially now Zakat House networks have spread in 30 countries and 5 continents. Through this collaboration, Rumah Zakat will increasingly focus on itself as a humanitarian and empowerment institution. This is also a commitment to Rumah Zakat as a Consultative institution from the UN Economic and Social Council to continue to be the leading humanitarian and empowerment institution in their field.



Choiria / Lailatul Istikhomah

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