BANJARMASIN. Rumah Zakat Banjarmasin again distributed Ifthar package on Tuesday (06/06) evening. Previously, the distribution was carried out in Banua Anyar, now the next target is the Ar-Ridho Mosque located at Jalan Antasan Kecil Barat, Pasar Lama District, Banjarmasin.


Warm welcome from the community which is often called Kampung Arab is very enthusiastic. The arrival of Rumah Zakat team was greeted directly by one of the residents who were in Ar-Ridho Mosque.


At the event, 120 ifthar packages were channeled. As always, the distribution began with remarks from residents and Rumah Zakat representatives, followed by recitations, and ends with tausyiah delivered by ustadz H. Ahmad Jumadi Taha Lc.


In tausiahnya, ustadz Ahmad Jumadi Taha convey about the importance of the benefits of zakah. Not only that, he also highlighted the interests of the people of South Kalimantan, especially in Banjarmasin in the fulfillment of zakah.


“When viewed from its potential, in Banjarmasin it is quite big, I see people prefer to distribute themselves without going through an official institution, if the community is channeled through the institution, there are certainly many advantages, one of them is the right target beneficiaries,” Ahmad said.


The residents were very enthusiastic to follow the activity. The atmosphere is calm and orderly seen during the ifthar, so the distribution of ifthar package went smoothly without any hindrance.


“This activity is very useful, especially when Rumah Zakat team socializes the various programs it has. We really appreciate because the program is very good. We from mosque congregation welcomes the activities of Rumah Zakat, such as ifthar program” Nurdiansyah said, one of the community leaders and managers of Ar Ridho Mosque.


Newsroom / Nurul Ulfa


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