CILEGON –  Rumah Zakat Cilegon distributes 8,000 liters of clean water to residents of Pringori Village, Suralaya Village, Merak District, Cilegon, Thursday (8/23) night.

The distribution of clean water was carried out because Pulomerak District has been experiencing water drought since 3 months ago. As a result, many residents experience difficulties in getting clean water for cooking and bathing (latrines).

“We got information from the alumni who received the scholarship program, Susi Herawati and Siti Atul Hadawiyah, who reported to us that in her village she had difficulty getting clean water,” said Sholarship Management Cilegon Zaenudin to Banten Raya.

On the same occasion, Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Cilegon Saibani revealed that the distribution of clean water as a form of concern from Rumah Zakat to alleviates the residents of Pringori Village, Suralaya Village, due to lack of clean water and because there is a submission from the local community to Rumah Zakat, “he said.

The man who is familiarly called Bani added that the clean water distributed by his institution to the residents of Pringori Village was 8,000 liters. “With this assistance, at least it can help people who experience drought who are in need of water. Because water is a vital need for the community, “he said.

While Minah (45), one of the residents of Pringori Hamlet, Suralaya Village thanked Rumah Zakat for the clean water that was distributed in her neighborhood.

“Thank you to Rumah Zakat for your concern, given the water, also given bread, hopefully Rumah Zakat will be more prosperous,” he said.


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