GARUT. Rumah Zakat quickly helped victims of fire in Ciroyom village, RT 05 RW 01 Sukawargi, Cisurupan District, Garut regency, Tuesday (29/08).
“Fire incident occurred again in Garut district, this time Fire hit four houses of Ciroyom village RT 05 RW 01 Sukawargi Village, Cisurupan District, Monday (28/08) at around 21:20 pm. Therefore we quickly coe to help the victims,” said Wahyu, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat.

“Alhamdulillah this afternoon Rumah Zakat accompanied by Mr. Ook, Head of Dusun I Sukawargi distributed assistance to the victims,” he added.
The four burnt houses belonged to Uju (60), Enur (40), Aco (35) and Cucun (55). “So far we don’t know the fire source, but we guess that the fire was due to short circuit,” said Cucun, one of the victims.

Cucun added, the fire can be extinguished after the residents and assisted fire fighter units down to the scene. “The four victims suffered losses of hundreds of millions of rupiah from the fire incident and the victim currently lives in the house of his brother and his nearest neighbor,” said Ook, Head of Sukawargi hamlet.

Ook added that it is currently only from Rumah Zakat that distributed assistance to the victims. “We would like to thank to Rumah Zakat who has cared for our citizens. May Allah repay him with the multiplied goodness,” he concluded.
The current urgent needs are including clothing, fast food, school equipment, etc.


Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto


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