RUMAH ZAKAT SOLO RESMIKAN TAMAN AQUAPONIK DI MOJOSONGOMOJOSONGO. Sunday (04/16) Rumah Zakat Solo inaugurated aqua-phonics garden in Mojoasri RW 31 Mojosongo Subdistrict, Jebres District. The event attended by hundreds of residents and head of neighborhood. The event began with gymnastics for elderly, health checks, health education, door prizes and enjoying dishes from the harvesting results of the aqua-phonics garden.

Aqua-phonics garden initiated by Rumah Zakat along with the RW 31 at the beginning of January 2017 was inaugurated on Sunday (04/16) by Rumah Zakat. Since the first Aqua-phonics garden made, residents enthusiastically proven within one and a half months residents have been able to harvest vegetables from aqua-phonics garden. Then in the fourth month, residents harvest the fish.

Aqua-phonics is a sustainable farming system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in an symbiotic environment. In normal aquaculture excretion from animals reared in the water will accumulate and increase the toxicity of the water if it is not disposed. In this Aqua-phonics alone, excretion of the animals will be given to the plant so it can be broken down into nitrates and nitrites through a natural process, and used by plants as a form of nutrition. Later, the water will circulate back to the aquaculture system. Aqua-phonics itself has two kinds of important components, namely Section hydroponics (growing plants) and part of aquaculture (preserved fish).

The benefits that citizens get to develop an Aqua-phonics is obtain maximum product yield, namely in the form of vegetables grown hydroponically and get the fish from aquaculture. Products produced from Aqua-phonics are organic, without pesticides or other hazardous materials.

“We are very grateful to Rumah Zakat on the support and assistance so that our citizens in Mojoasri RW 31 can have an Aqua-phonics garden, it is so remarkable, so that our citizens can consume healthy vegetables organically. We hope this program will continue “, said Pamuji as chairman of RW 31 Mojoasri Mojosongo.

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