YOGYAKARTA. Ambulance Free of Rumah Zakat along with partners Tribun Yogya managed by Cita Sehat escorted carnival participants in Jogja Literacy Carnival event that held by Gramedia on Sunday (20/08).

The carnival parade along Jenderal Sudirman street was followed by 2,500 participants. They started the march from Tugu Jogja to Margoutomo Street, Abu Bakar Ali Street and ended at Suroto street.

In addition to ambulance, Rumah Zakat also provided health inspection stand or “Siaga Sehat” at the location of the CFD (Car Free Day) Jogja Creative. The Siaga Sehat was consisted of weigh weight, blood pressure and uric acid and blood sugar checking.

“Today Rumah Zakat’s Team and Cita Sehat held Healthy Program (Siaga Sehat) in 3 locations at once. The first in Jogja Creative CFD in the framework of the Literacy Carnival, the second in the Temuwuh Kidul Peduhuhan in the framework of a healthy road and the third Gabok Village in the framework of the Indonesian Independence day. Alhamdulillah all three runs smoothly” said Alfian, Public Health officer of Cita Sehat Yogyakarta.



Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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