BANTUL. Rumah Zakat through its Program of Water Supply Facility and Renovation of MCK is now developing the facility in Ainun Jariyah Sabrang Lor mosque, Triwidadi village, Pajangan sub-district, Kab. Bantul. Ainun Jariyah Mosque which is located in Triwidadi North region which is geographically limestone mountainous area, still very minimal facility, visible from its imperfect building and more main not yet have place of ablution and toilets. Usually the pilgrims still stay at the local residents to take ablution water.

Since May 2017 pilgrims has planned to make a place of ablution and toilets but constrained by cost, it cannot be realized. Just beginning of November 2017 it was answered already a budget solution for the construction of this place of ablution and toilets.

Help comes from the donors of Rumah Zakat through to help build this MCK. The development was carried out since Monday (13/11) and then, until now that has been done that is extracting septic tank, casting lid, installation of wall for ablution place as high as 2 meter from and installation of bathroom wall as high as 2.5 meter. If there are no obstacles, construction is expected to expire at the end of November 2017.

“Hopefully with the permission of Allah SWT and with sincerity of Ainun Jariyah mosque pilgrims which is contributing to the construction of ablution place and MCK is fully supported by Rumah Zakat through donors will soon realize the ideals jama’ah Ainun Jariyah mosque has a place of ablution and own toilets.” Said Rifai Yusup, facilitator of Sabrang Lor empowered village.


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