RUMAH ZAKAT YOGYAKARTA SALURKAN 252 PAKET LEBARAN UNTUK LANSIA YOGYAKARTA Ramadan is used to the maximum by RZ Yogyakarta to channel aid to those who deserve and need.

Among these the aid in the form of Eid gift distributed to elderly.

A total of 252 packages containing basic food, sarung, and mukena are ready to be distributed to 60 points of RZ Yogyakarta’s fostered citizen.

“The recipients are elderly and poor families who are already recorded and surveyed by a team of RZ volunteers, in order to make sure the distribution is right on the target, a month before Ramadan we’ve collecting the data of recipients by name by address is already ” said Branch Manager of RZ Yogyakarta, Warnitis to, Friday (06/10).

In addition to Eid gift for the elderly, RZ Yogyakarta during the month of Ramadan this year also targeted to distribute Iftar packages as many as 4,285 packages, 450 Eid gift for orphan as well as 400 Syiar Quran packages.

As for the ZIS fund raising target of Ramadan this year, RZ is targeting Rp 3.2 billion.

Moreover, the momentum of Ramadan are the best times are often used by people in performing good deeds such as pay zakat maal and perform the donation as well as shodaqoh.

“The more targeted funding of funds that can be collected by RZ, the more people who can be helped and empowered through the optimization of the ZIS funds,” he concluded.

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