RZ BERSAMA HUMAN CONCERN INTERNATIONAL SALURKAN 456 PAKET RAMADHAN DI NUSANTARA (2) BANDUNG. (06/15) A Muslim is brother with another, Allah says, “Verily the believers are brothers” (QS.Al-Hujurat: 10). The merit of helping fellow Muslims one of them is Allah will help his servants who always help his brother.

The month of Ramadan has a distinctive feature compared to other months. The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity as well as a reference for all Muslims to again increase the quantity and quality of worship. One of them is to share with others, mutual sharing in the month of Ramadan has even become a habit for the majority of Muslims.

By sharing, then each person can increase the sense of empathy and concern for the state of the people around him who have not been lucky, and it was more pronounced during the month of Ramadan. By familiarizing themselves to charity or shared with others during Ramadan, then insya Allah, it will continue to be done continuously even though Ramadan has ended.

To help our brothers in the momentum of the holy month of Ramadan, RZ cooperate with HCI (Human Concern International) to distribute Ramadan packages to several cities in Indonesia, including Pekanbaru, Banjarmasin, Depok, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Cilegon, Bekasi, and Samarinda.

As Ramadan Packages were distributed are in the form of Iftar package (insya Allah), Eid gift for orphans (KLY), Eid gift for family (BLK) and Syiar Quran package (SQ).

From day 1 to 9 of Ramadan 1437 H, Ramadan packages that have been distributed are about 250 Package of BBP, 179 SQ Package and 27 KLY packages.

“Alhamdulillah, a Synergy between RZ and HCI in momentum Ramadan has often done, this time a total of 3,496 Ramadhan Package consists of BBP, KLY, SQ and BLK are ready to be distributed to several areas in Indonesia. Said Abdurrohim, RZ Monitoring and Evaluation of RZ Center.

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