RZ BERTEKAD ENTASKAN 1,5 PERSEN KEMISKINANREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — “RZ targets to contribute 1.5 percent of poverty reduction,” Nur told Republika on Thursday (01/12). He explained that the growth of zakat collection in 2016 was 20 percent, with the number of beneficiaries around 1.2 million people. The number of recipients of zakat itself has experienced an increase of beneficiaries in recent year as many as 750 people.


Nur said, RZ has a commitment to continue to contribute to the alleviation of poverty, with at least two components are taken into account. The first component is the independence of worship, and the second component is economic independence. “So, the beneficiaries who rarely perform prayer now they pray diligently, or the economy increased after getting assistance,” said Nur.


In 2016, the program of education which is owned RZ has added as much as two schools located in Tangerang and Batam. Furthermore, RZ in 2017 will add one more school cooperating with LAZIS PLN in Jayapura.


Not just school, he said, RZ always emphasize religious values in schools that exist, so it has more value. According to Nur, that commitment will continue to be adhered to, as well as the value of the symbols of RZ. “We strengthen Tahfiz to widen our preaching” said Nur.


Source: http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/17/01/12/ojo15d359-rumah-zakat-bertekad-entaskan-12-persen-kemiskinan

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