RZ CILEGON GELAR GERAKAN TAHAJJUD DAN SAHUR BERSAMA DI MASJID AR ROHMAHCILEGON. In the month of Ramadan every mosque crowded with worshipers, especially in the last 10 days in the hope of getting the primacy of Laylat qodar. But after Ramadan passed activities in mosques mostly start to be quiet again, there is only 5 times prayer activity.

To revive the spirit of worship like in the moon of Ramadan, DKM Ar-Rohmah together with RZ Cilegon promotes Tahajjud (Qiyamul Lail) and Sahur together movement which began on Thursday (08/11).

About 20 people participated in Tahajjud (Qiyamul Lail) and Sahur Together held in Masjid Ar-Rohmah Arga Bajapura Gerogol which is followed by 15 male and 5 female worshipers.

Fauzul Umam, The PIC of the activity together with RZ plan to embrace the community namely ODOJ (One Day One Juz) and IKADI (Dai Association of Indonesia) Cilegon for the movement of Tahajjud and Sahur.
“For the beginning we can only execute QL (tahajjud) and sahur together, in the future for the prosperity of our mosque we will conduct mabit by cooperating with ODOJ and IKADI Cilegon.” he said.

Sahur activity then continue to dawn prayer in congregation and Islamic lecture delivered by Ustadz Ahmad Sujai from Serang, Banten.

Uniquely, the DKM gives prizes for the lucky pilgrims after the lecture ends in order to motivation and as a means appreciation of the DKM Ar-Rohmah to the congregation. “This prize we gave to the congregation who participated in the Qiyamul Lail (Tahajjud), Sahur and Fajr prayers in congregation as a means of motivation and reward from DKM Ar-Rohmah.” Explained Hardiyono, one of the administrators of DKM Ar-Rohmah.

In addition to QL and Sahur movement along with RZ and DKM Ar-Rohmah, they also provide free medical services namely Ar-Rohmah Medical Centre for pilgrims and local people every Friday in 2nd and 4th weeks, as well as RZ Mobile library car, which was held on Saturday in the 2nd and 4th weeks.

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