RUMAH WAKAF INDONESIA DAMPINGI SENI MENJADI HAFIDZ QURANTASIKMALAYA. Tuesday. (2/14) . According to Al Azhar university’s research results that reading Quran can enhance the brain and sharpen memory performance up to 80% because there are three activities are conducted in reading Quran that are good for the brain is to see, hear and read. A good time to read Quran is after prayers, especially Fajr and Maghrib. On those time, the brain is in a fresh state because the time changing from light to dark and from dark to light.

Reading the Quran may offset the performance of the human brain, humans usually study mathematics, physics using the left brain, to offset the use of the brain, reading Quran is an appropriate activity, because by reading, seeing forms of verse in the Quran can improve right brain performance and some even after reading the Qur’an itself felt reassured, fresh, and happy.

This is experienced by beneficiaries in Quran village under RZ and Rumah Wakaf Indonesia guidance in Tasikmalaya, her name is Meyseni Dekasita who lives with her mother in padasuka village, Indihiang District Tasikmalaya while her father is long dead. Seni who is Mrs. Imas daughter has a habit that is rarely done at her age. From her daily activities she spends more time with Quran, from waking up to going to bed.

Seni who is now sitting in 6th grade of SD Negeri Cibungkul Tasikmalaya, has to fight hard to be able to continue her education. She has ideals want to be a Hafidzah (Quran memorizers) that will be offered the crown to his father in heaven. Imas as her mother was proud to have Seni as her daughter. After her father died she was more diligent and perseveres in memorizing the Quran, now her Quran rote has already reached three chapters (3 Juz) and in the process to memorize her 4th rote.

“Every night, Seni performs tahajood and continues to memorize the Quran until dawn arrives. In the mornings, Seni goes to school to study and in the evening she learns Quran and at the night she does her homework until the time to sleep” Said Mrs. Imas

It is Seni’s daily activity, an elementary school student who insists memorizing the Quran. Hopefully Quran ambassador of Rumah Wakaf indonesia could continue  assist Seni to become Hafidzah (Quran memorizer).


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