RZ LDKO CilegonMALANG. To generate 1000 successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia, RZ implemented empowerment program in the form of entrepreneurship training for the members of Paguyuban Ngalamandiri (RZ micro entrepreneur community in Malang).

There were 10 members who attended the training which was held on Saturday (28/3) in the Branch Office of RZ Malang which is located in Ruko Istana Jl. W.R Supratman C3 Kav.19 Malang.

The training aims to integrate perception, visions, and missions. The material was delivered by Aan Sufandi, a motivator and a successful entrepreneur. In this session he had a chance to share his experiences as an entrepreneur and motivate the audiences. ”Each member must have a successful entrepreneur’s intellectual and spirit. They must be brave, optimistic, and never give up if fail,” Aan said.

After the training session, the participants were evaluated regarding to the training session. The evaluation aimed to measure their understanding towards the material and RZ. “I’m glad to be a participant of the training. It has opened my mind and made me exciting,” Maini, a participant, said. ***

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