RZ LDKO CilegonPALEMBANG. Sunday (1/3), RZ invited local residents of Ilir to participate in waste management training. In this opportunity, they learned how to process and manage waste using Takakura method with simple equipments such as plastic basket, husks, cardboard, rags and compost as an effort of environmental preservation.

There were 25 persons who participated in this training and most of them were housewives. The material was delivered by the founder of Prabu Ijo Waste Bank, Desti Fajarini. “Through Takakura Method they could manage household waste easily,” she said.

They were very enthusiastic to join in this training and it can be seen from the questions given by the participants. “It gives many beneficial insights to us. Now we know that waste could become valuable if we could manage it intelligently,” Endang (33), a participant, said. ***


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