RZ RAIH CHAMPION ORIGINAL BRAND DI PENGHARGAAN MAJALAH SWAJAKARTA. JAKARTA. RZ received the award as # 1 Champion Indonesia Original Brand 2016 in SWA magazine awards in Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (06/08). RZ received the award for ZIS category (Zakah, Infaq and Sadaqah).

The award by SWA magazine awarded to the leading local brand in Indonesia is the main choice of consumers and has mastered the market in Indonesia. RZ is eligible to receive this award because it has met the survey on various valuation parameters namely satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and local foreign comparison.

The first is satisfaction which is the ability of brand to fulfill the main function, quality brands and benefits and costs comparison. The Second is Loyalty, how much respondents actually liked a brand and the possibility of using the brand in the future. The third is Advocacy, how strong a brand creates word of mouth factor, user recommendations to the brand and their thrust from the negative issues. And the fourth is the Foreign Local Comparison, measures the level of consumer confidence that local brands still better than foreign brands.

Nur Efendi, RZ’s CEO hope with this award, RZ as social institutions can be more beneficial and works the best for Indonesia.

“Of course, hopefully RZ can give more benefit. It could even help recipients become people who are able to give zakat, “he said.

Nur Efendi also is very grateful to all parties who have cooperated with RZ up today and join the success of existing programs.

” Alhamdulillah, thank you for the trust and support of our major stakeholders namely donators, partners, media, government, community and empowerment program beneficiaries. Let’s work for the nation, “he said.


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