RZ SEMARAK SAMBUT RAMADHAN DI 15 KOTABANDUNG. BANDUNG. Ramadan full of blessings month is about to come. Great guests that we have long longed for is arriving soon. It is like Ramadan is at the front door. Depend on us how we treat the great guests as long as it is with us.

Welcoming Ramadan will vary from every layer of society. Yesterday, Sunday (29/05) Anak Juara RZ simultaneously welcomed Ramadan with a touching way by washing the feet of their mother.

These activities are carried out simultaneously in 15 cities, namely Aceh, Tangerang, Medan, Cirebon, Cilegon, Pontianak, Malang, Makassar, Semarang, Padang, Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor and Manado. With the number of participants as many as 3831 people

This activity began with Tarheeb Ramadhan while spreading Imsakiyah Schedule to the community, then continued with tausyiah about attitude in welcoming Ramadan, and fill the days in Ramadan with full benefits and then the event closed by washing the feet of mother.

Various places used as a location in the course of these activities, such as Car Free Day, Office parking lot, and in parks.

“Wash the mother’s feet are one embodiment of cleaning our hearts as a child, and vice versa as parents. Ramadan is a sacred month, of course, to welcome it should be with a clean heart anyway, so what we do later in charge of Ramadan is worth the reward from Allah ” Heni Widiastuti said, Chief Program Officer of RZ.

In addition, RZ has prepared various programs in welcoming Ramadan, which consists of Iftar package (BBP), Eid Gift for orphans (KLY), Eid gift for the needy (BLK) and Syiar Quran (SQ). This program insya Allah will draw us closer to others and to Allah.

The number of participants who take part in this event consists of: 236 participants in Tangerang, 200 participants in Medan, 300 participants in Cirebon, 300 participants in Cilegon, 100 participants in Pontianak, 165 participants in Malang, 100 participants in Makassar, 350 participants in Semarang, 450 participants in Padang, 570 participants in Bandung, 400 participants in Jakarta, 60 participants in Banjarmasin, 200 participants in Bogor, 300 participants in Aceh, and 100 participants in Manado.

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