rz-wujudkan-bantuan-untuk-kaka-beradik-iniBANJARMASIN.Rahmani (21) and Rahmah (13) are siblings who give us a lot of lessons about a sense of gratitude and patience. Since their childhood polio disease causes their legs paralyzed.

They live in a rented house measuring 3 × 3 meters at Jl. Kelayan A Kel. Murung Raya, Banjarmasin with their mother because his father had died long ago, Their mother is the backbone of the family, she works as a peeled onion in the market around their home, with a salary range of 10 – 15ribu / day and it is erratic.

Rahmani is now sitting in class 2 MTS Ponpes Al Hikmah and Rahmah ia 5th grade student in SDN Murung Raya 4. Rahmani and Rahmah have two other brothers, alhamdulillah the two other brothers were born normal. With limited conditions to go to school Rahmani and Rahmah uses a wheelchair donations of citizens who felt sorry to see their condition. Currently the wheelchair they used is unsuitable, moreover their school supplies have been damaged.

Besides that, they also do not have the basic necessities of everyday in the house. Alhamdulillah for a helping hand from donators through sharinghappiness.org website RZ no help for Rahmani and Rahmah. The grant was given on Wednesday (10/19) in the pavilion of Al Hikmah Boarding school that adjent to beneficiaries’ houses, at Jl. Kelayan in RT 15 Murung Raya villages South Banjarmasin District, Banjarmasin. The distribution of this assistance was attended by the urban village, Deputy of Yayasan Pesantren Al Hikmah, and the teachers.

Assistance provided is divided into two parts, namely the need for Rahmani and Rahmah and also Home basic supplies. The assistance for Rahmah and Rahmani are wheelchair, school uniforms, school bags, notebooks, stationery, and dictionaries. As for Home basic supplies are a gas stove, dish rack, carpet, cookware, cutlery, etc.
“Thank you, RZ donors who have helped the residents in Murung Raya Village, particularly to our children, M. Rahmani and Rahmah. Hopefully this can help simplify daily activities and make a whip of encouragement to always be diligent in school. “Said Nan M. Jonhari as Section Head of Government representatives from the village.

While Ustadz Sahdi who represents Al Hikmah boarding school and community leaders who also expressed his gratitude. “Thank you very much for helping our students M. Rahmani who is a diligent student. Hopefully the assistance can be used properly and they do not give up despite the different conditions of the other students, “he said. He also asked for both these students keep the spirit to continue to learn, even if there is no assistance from any party.

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