RZ WUJUDKAN RUMAH LAYAK UNTUK PAK HERMAWANPANGANDARAN. Mr. Hermawan (76) is an old man who lived in the Kalapatiga RT02 / RW09 Babakan Village, Pangandaran. He is a convert who stated to creed in 1965. Since that time he had not lived with her family in Majenang anymore because of different beliefs.

Currently Mr. Hermawan live in the land owned by others with appalling conditions. His house partly collapsed and cannot be used. Repair his house surely be unthinkable by him because at that age now he did not have any work.

During his daily life was supported by the village and his neighbors are so sorry to see his condition. But with such conditions Mr. Hermawan is rated as a devout Muslim, he never left praying five times in mosques.

This time Mr. Hermawan really need help for repairing his house, and Alhamdulillah through donors Rumah Zakat was able to repair his house. This assistance was distributed by Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat, Mr. Hartono.

The renovation was implemented since the 2th week of February 2017 until now. After conducting technical meetings and notifying the village official about Mr. Hermawan’s house renovation, the renovation was started.
The ongoing process is the replacement of bamboo shades on the walls of houses that have been damaged, then replaced asbestos tile installation, septic tank manufacture, and installation of ceramic. Stages to be done is installation of outdoor ceramics, installation GRC kitchen, and painting.

“Alhamdulillah Pak Hermawan and village officials are very grateful for the help from Rumah Zakat, Because this help in addition to help Mr. Hermawan, it also can empower local communities to be a worker of that project.” Said Mr. Hartono. “In addition, this kind of help invites some people interested to donate their ZIS (Zakah, Infaq, Sadaqah) through Rumah Zakat.” he added.

Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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