PANGANDARAN. At Tarikolot Hamlet, Pajaten Village, Sidamulih Subdistrict, Pangandaran District, there are 15 farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat. Since July 2017 these farmers have been accompanied and given goats for breeding.

“We gave 18 goats to 15 breeders, each breeder received 1 female sheep while 3 rams were used together” said Roswanda, Rumah Zakat Facilitator who accompanied the farmers.

Now goats that are bred by farmers have already begat. To see the development of livestock, Ruswandi routinely conducts monitoring every week and visits each pen of the farmers, not only that every two weeks the participants also meet with Kaswandi to stay in touch and study together.

“I used to have minimal income and wanted to raise goats, now Alhamdulillah, I already have goat breeders and 2 tillers that hopefully can continue to develop well. Thank you Rumah Zakat for helping residents in this village, hopefully Rumah Zakat always success and the charities of the donors accepted by Allah SWT “said Sarip, one of the farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat.

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