SD JUARA BAGIKAN KADO LEBARAN YATIM DAN PAKET BUKA PUASA DI PEKANBARUPEKANBARU Ramadan is a month of happiness for all Muslims. Aside from being the month to multiply the worship, Ramadan is a month to share the happiness.

That is what is seen in the agenda implemented in SD Juara Pekanbaru as the sharing of happiness in Ramadan, namely by sharing iftar dishes. 350 iftar packages and 74 Eid gifts for orphan were distributed on the occasion.

Kegiataan with participants consisting of children and parents was held in the school yard of SD Juara Pekanbaru. Around 16:30 pm, the event opened with a religious lecture by Ustaz Syahrul Bariyah, S.Pdi with the theme “Fasting Ramadan Call to the Faithful”.

After listening to religious lectures, participants were preparing to break the fast together and then continued to the distribution of Eid gifts for orphans, Maghrib prayers in congregation. It can be seen that children and parents expressed mutual happiness of Ramadan.

For iftar package consisting of food package for iftar, while Eid gifts consist of school kits bags and books, and food. Iftar package and Eid gifts for orphan was donated by the parties through RZ. As stated from RIAUPOS.CO, Saturday (06/11).

“Thank God, this agenda can be implemented thanks to the prayers and donations of various parties through RZ. Insya Allah in the second week we will distribute 69 packages Eid gifts for orphans”said Bayu coordinator of the agenda.

The event itself ended at 07.00 pm. The participants were seen leaving the location with cheerfulness, because they are not only received religious lecture and break the fast together, they also received Eid gift.

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