SD JUARA BATAM RUTIN GELAR MARKET DAY TIAP JUMATBATAM. Jumat, (05/05) Some students of SD Champion Batam busy with various products that they will sell. The students showcase their produts in a place that was provided by the school. They also will start to sell in accordance with the time specified.

The activityy is Market Day programs held every Friday. Students look enthusiastic to participate in the market day program by buying and spending their money.

Previously students have received socialization from the school to bring money from home in order to buy food and beverages sold in market day, because the regulation of SD Juara is not allowed to bring an allowance other than on Friday.

“The buying and selling process conducted every Friday becomes a stimulus and stimulates the Entrepreneurship mindset of all elementary school students in Juara Batam, so that it will become future generations that have competitiveness in the global world” Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin, S.Pd.I said , Principal of SD Juara Batam.

The series of activities of Market Day provides many lessons, including training mentally, talent development, to the actualization of multiple intelligences intelligence which includes intrapersonal intelligence, verbal intelligence, and logic or mathematical intelligence. Thus, the parents of the students are very supportive of the program that was rolled by SD Juara Batam.

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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