SD JUARA BATAM SEMARAKKAN PROJECT BACK 2 BATAMBATAM. Ahmad, (30/04) SD Juara Batam followed Gathering Project Back 2 Batam with the theme “In Persekabatan Persahabatan Singapura – Batam 2017” held at Pantai Tanjung Pinggir Sekupang Batam. The event was attended by more than 250 orphans and undeprivileged children.


The event set in out door involved 70 Rumah Zakat Riau foster children; 24 Juara elementary school Batam students, 30 ‘anak juara’ Children from Beduk River, and 16 ‘anak juara’ Children from Hiterland region that merge and mingle with other participants.


Participants are divided into groups based on the color of the headband. They follow a variety of exciting games, including flow charity games, tug of war, flying saucers to play futsal on the white sand with the beauty of the waves rolling.


The stinging heat that ignited the spirit of the participants gave birth to a few rows of wisdom from some games played, including teaching the meaning of cooperation and cohesiveness, the strategy of achieving goals, breaking down the meaning of defeat to dig the wisdom of a victory. All participants of each game get the prize as a form of appreciation of their spirit.


“Alhamdulillah, everyone is happy, happy and cheerful Many lessons we can take from the activities that have been implemented Thank you to all parties, especially Rumah Zakat Hopefully next year we can make a similar event and more lively” Ustadz Hafis Kusairi said as The elders of the Singapore Muslim Youth.


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