CILEGON. (17/02) Reading is a language skill and an important factor in the learning process, because by reading learners can obtain information. Reading is one of the activities in literacy. Literacy cannot be separated from the world of education and also become a means of learners in knowing, understanding, and applying the knowledge obtained in school.

Therefore, Fauzul Umam as walikelas 4 SD Champion Cilegon Binaan Rumah Zakat programmed a routine reading for all learners. Reading activities are held every day before the start of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) ie after the students perform the Dhuha prayer.

“Reading activities are aimed at making children familiar and happy to read to add insight to children, and this is also a form of supporting government programs on improving literacy in schools,” he said.

“We give the kids about 10 minutes, for the books are already provided in the Reading Corner class, and it is not text book,” he added.

Fikri Rosyid, one of the 4th grader students admitted glad to have read the book about the names of the country and its capital city.

“I am happy, I can add my knowledge,” he said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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