CIMAHI. SD Juara Cimahi held a Manasik Haji simulation activity on Monday (04/09) as part of Shiar’s activity on Idul Adha 1438 H. A week before the activity the teachers were given a briefing on Manasik Haji by Ustadz Eko Budi Hartomo. The students also got the preconditions from Mr. Hendi in the form of Hajj procession and the history of Prophet Ibrahim and his family.

The Manasik Haji simulation is getting complete because it started from the passport making process at the immigration office, continued to Soekarno Hattta Airport, until the process in the plane and arrived at King Abdul Aziz Airport.

“Upper-grade students are assigned to officers at immigration offices, airports, some pilots as well as flight attendants to become the warriors in Makkah,” said Nurzaman, principal of SD Juara Cimahi.

Furthermore, the series of Hajj pilgrimage followed by lower class students who are divided into 4 groups (kloter). Each group was guided by 3 students from the 6th grade. The guides direct and give examples of all the procedures of the Hajj. The students were given a costume like ihram cloth worn by pilgrims.

Setting the pilgrimage site was prepared with some simple tools and materials available. “Alhamdulillah, students feel different and more exciting on this time is. Hopefully the students can learn about wisdom and lessons by this activity.” Nuruzaman concluded.



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