CIMAHI. At the beginning of this November, SD Juara Cimahi reaped many achievements in the Aqidah competition held by Al Hidayah DKM Melong Village, Cimahi Selatan District, Cimahi.

In the competition which was held on Sunday (11/11), SD Juara took part in 8 competitions from 10 contested competitions. A total of 34 students were sent to represent the school.

“A total of 189 participants were registered to take part in this year’s Aqeedah competition” according to the committee when the Technical Meeting was held.

SD Juara Cimahi, himself sent several participants who were really new to the race representing the school. “The expectation is to be a place to test courage and provide achievements” according to Ms. Suryani, S.Pd.I, deputy principal of SD Juara Cimahi.

After going through various stages of the race finally the announcement of the winner arrived. Even though heavy rains flushed, the participants remained faithfully waiting. The struggle and patience finally show it ways, when one by one the winner of the race is announced. Some names of students are called as winners.

“Alhamdulillah, SD Juara cimahi won 15 achievements from all competitions. And because we have the most champions, SD Juara Cimahi been re-named as the General Champion and gets a rotating trophy, “Suryani added.



Jajang Sudarsa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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