MEDAN. (13/2). On Saturday (2/11) Students of SD Juara Medan which is RZ’s assisted school conducted Malam Biman Iman dan Takwa which is called Mabit, as many as 23 students participated in this event.

This event is held monthly for students in 6th grade of SD Juara Medan which aims to give a briefing to the students in facing National Exam, besides that Mabit also as a platform to foster faith and devotion of students.

This activity contains a very enjoyable activity such as reading Quran, Islamic material, tahajud, pray, games, movie time and exercise. For this month they received Islamic material about Islamic art and filial to parents. In Mabit poem about a mother who was created by a student named Rifa recited “I am unbelievably happy when my poem was read in class” Said Rifa happily.

Poetry belongs to Rifa about mothers is truly heartwarming. Mabit is an event eagerly anticipated each month by the students so that the students are very enthusiastic with this Mabit.

Sri Budiarti Principal of SD Juara Medan hoped with this Mabit can create strong generation “Creating Rabbani generation ne to be serious. In this Mabit they were introduced more deeply about the wonderful of Islam thoroughly. Planting of love to God and create a sense of longing for the Prophet. Hopefully someday they became a strong powerful generation. Not like froth in the sea. Aamiin “said Sri Budiarti at the end of the activity.

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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