RZ LDKO CilegonMEDAN. Balanced nutrient intake is a must for children because it can determine their future growth and development. Tuesday (26/3), SD Juara Medan distributed hundreds of nutritious food package to 148 students. This program named Food Aid Assistance and it is implemented regularly every month.

In this opportunity, RZ provided lunch package which contains rice, fresh milk, rendang, and snaps. Food Aid Assistance is a national action which is implemented by Sekolah Juara to alleviate the number of malnourished children in Indonesia. Through the program RZ attempts to facilitate donors to share and prepare a healthy and smart generation.

In addition, this program is also initiated to improve students’ physical endurance so they could achieve their future goals.

“Thank you RZ and donors because the program is really beneficial for their physical growth and brain development in the future, may Allah gives His blessing and grace,” Afriani, a teacher of SD Juara Medan, said. ***


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