SD JUARA PEKANBARU PENGGALANGAN DANA UNTUK SOMALIAPEKANBARU. (3/30) drought that hit Somalia resulted many people in hunger and died, so all elements must be engaged to assist in the disaster.


SD Juara Pekanbaru which is Rumah Zakat assisted school carried out fundraising to help somalia people as well as a means strengthening the sense of ukuwah Islamiyah and foster a sense of empathy for the students of SD Juara Pekanbaru.


After carrying out exercise in the morning, students were given an explanation of what is happening in Somalia and how the attitude towards the disaster happened in Somalia, after that the students collect their money to be donated to help the brothers in Somalia.


The first day 97 200 rupiah collected and the plans fundraising will be carried out during the week and the donation raised will be channeled through Rumah Zakat.


“Children collect money for Somalia, even their use all their allowance for donation” Bayu said, teacher of SD Juara Pekanbaru.

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