SDJ CIMAHI PELAJARI SEJARAH DENGAN OUTING CLASSCIMAHI. Sekolah Juara (Rumah Zakat’s assisted school) is concerned to provide quality education and easily absorbed by children in a fun way. Therefore, the outing class program is one of the programs that are carried out for the achievement of the goal.

Wednesday, (05/10) SD Juara Cimahi again held an outing class activity by visiting the Museum Pos Indonesia located on Jalan Cilaki no. 73, Bandung, West Java and Museum of Geology located at Jalan Diponegoro No. 57, Bandung.

Outing class activity aimed to make SD Juara Cimahi student know history about Indonesia post. Likewise the visit made to the Museum of Geology, the activity aims to increase students’ insight by knowing various natural disaster events that have occurred in Indonesia that has been neatly packed by the Museum Geology manager. During the visit at the Museum of pos Indonesia, students get an explanation from the officers by providing an interactive explanation and distributed various door prizes to students.

The students admitted very happy with the outing class activities. “Alhamdulillah, now i knew what stamp is and know the first postage stamp, In addition, i also knew the tools to send goods and letters of ancient times. How the formation of earth, ancient animals and much more knowledge gained. Anyway i am very happy, “said Azzam one of the students

Same goes with Keira, one of the students. Keira admitted very happy to follow the series of outing class because he was the first time to visit the museum. The event was attended by as many as 25 students of grade 3 and accompanied by Homeroom teacher, Suryani and Hari Mustika.

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