The best of alms is the hidden one-unknown by others. Until the left hand does not know what is given by the right hand. This is done to avoid the self nature of showing off-. Just expect the reward from Allah SWT.

Showing off can destroy the practice. Even God dumped a person to hell that during his life was full of charity but he does charity wants to be seen by people and want to be called generous.

In the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, it is told that once there was someone who intends to give alms, unknown to anyone.

At night, he puts his alms. It turns out the recipient is a thief. When it came in the morning, people sneer. “Who would give alms to a thief?”

Hearing this, he also intends to give charity again. Night arrives, he puts alms. The second time, the recipient is an adulterous woman. In the morning, people sneer back.

“How do people give charity but to adulterers?”.

Knowing that, he intended to give alms again. When the night comes, he lays down the alms. Even this time the recipient is a rich man. The next day, people sneer again. “The rich are given alms”.

Really he became sad because he felt charitable to people who are less precise. In a dream, he is visited by an angel. Then the angel was said to him:

“As for the alms you give to the thief, perhaps with alms he keeps himself from stealing”.

“As for the alms that you give to the adulteress woman, perhaps with alms she keeps herself for fornication”.

“As for the alms you give to the rich, he may take a lesson. Then he took advantage of what God gave him “.

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