MAKASSAR. Monday (12/11). Rumah Zakat and the Cita Sehat Foundation synergize with the Tamalanrea Health Center again holding an Elderly Friendly action in Tamalanrea Village in Kampung Parang. Activities that are routinely carried out once a month started with registration, weight measurement, blood pressure checks, metabolic examinations, health consultations, giving PMT and administering medicines from the Tamalanrea Health Center.

The enthusiasm of the residents to come checking their health was so extraordinary it was proven that as many as 43 people came to the Elderly Friendly activities. With the enthusiasm to stay healthy, residents have made this Elderly Friendly activity a routine every month for health checks.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful for the activities from Rumah Zakat. Every month, Isya Allah, I will definitely come, especially if I can check it for free, get fruit and get medicine too. Thank you very much Rumah Zakat, “said Grandma Salimeng (96 years), one of the residents of Parang Village.



Asih Dwi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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