BANDUNG, Kinanti Arundaya Nitisari, Ganjar Kuswara daughter, is suffering Biliary Atresia. This disease can be healed through liver transplantation. To execute liver transplantation, she needs 1 million rupiah (Rp. for the administration.

Ganjar is an entrepreneur while his wife is a private junior high school teacher in Cilegon. They said that they unable to pay the liver transplantation cost because it is out of their capability. Thus, RZ invite all people to participate in “7days to save Kinanti” program. “How much rupiah that you spend to share will be valuable for saving kinanti.” Nur Effendi, RZ CEO, said on Thursday (25/2).

Biliary Atresia is a congenital or acquired disease of the liver and one of the principal forms of chronic rejection of a transplanted liver allograft. “Cause of the disease is still unknown, and its symptom appears after the infant reach 2 to 4 weeks.” dr. Hilmi Sulaiman Rathomi said.

In 2010, it was also happened to Bilqis Anindya Passa. She died because of its high cost medical treatment and less informed. Therefore, RZ invites all people to donate in order to realize Kinanti’s liver transplantation. You can donate to RZ’s account numbers as follows:

Donation Account Number:
– Mandiri 132000 481 974 5 an Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia
– BCA 094 301 6001 an Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia

In order to distribute your donation as soon as possible, we ask you to confirm your assistance to:
– SMS ke 0815 7300 1555
– Atau via website di :

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