SEMARAKNYA WISUDA DAN PENTAS KREASI SENI SEKOLAH JUARA RZ BANDUNG. On Thursday (26/05) PAUD Juara Tangerang selatan (ECD) and SD Juara Jogja carried out an art performance in graduation activities. The theme raised simultaneously by the School Champion in this graduation is “From Zero to Hero”.

In PAUD Juara Tangerang selatan, the event began with the opening opened by Mrs. Indah as the early teacher of PAUD Juara Tangerang was followed by recitation of quran qiro’atul read by the class B is Revalina Meilida Fara and Riziq and continued with opening prayer surah Al-Fatihah led by MC directly. The continued with speeches.

Furthermore, the graduates by one were called to the stage for embedding graduation cap, awarding medals and certificates. At the graduation ceremony this time that attaches the rope graduation cap is Mr. Agung Nuriyadi as the representative of Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF), medal given by Mr. Hadi Yudasta as the representative of RZ Bintaro and certificates awarded by Mrs. Sandri Nurmalasari As Principal of PAUD Juara.

“May each of PAUD Juara can be the next generation that is noble and to be perfect man to be the champion in the world and hereafter, Aamiin Yaa Robbal ‘aalamin.” said Sandri Nurmalasari, principal of PAUD Juara.

Unlike the case with SD Juara Jogja graduation this year on the theme of rural “Let’s Build a Village”. As a Background that Indonesian is agricultural country rich in natural resources potential.
The event was conceptualized with a simple but memorable. The event Implemented in mayor hall of Yogyakarta

The event was attended by representatives of the Mayor of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Education Department representatives, representatives of the North Unit of Yogyakarta, the donators, the Director of Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF) and all parents of SD Juara Yogyakarta.

The number of students who graduate this year as many as 23 students, with a very proud achievement SD Juara Yogyakarta achieved the highest grade of PAI national exam throughout North UPT Yogyakarta. In Pentas kreasi Juara (art performance) this time there is a procession release of sixth grade students also filled with a variety of performances of all students for grade 1 to grade 5. There were a traditional dance, penguins dance, Angklung orchestra, choir, motion songs and fashion show, as well as a flash mob. All took part in the event enliven the event. In addition, there was also an additional event that is different from previous years that the awards for Outstanding Teacher and Parents Award.


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