SENAM SEHAT UNTUK LANSIAMAKKASAR. Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat Foundation as the health partner of Rumah Zakat, again invites the elderly to routinely exercise and instill a healthy lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Dozens of elderly follow healthy gymnastics held on Saturday (05/06). Although their age is not young anymore, the participants keep the spirit following the movement of exercisers exemplified by Ramli, PIC healthy gymnastics activities.

In addition to gymnastics, the participants also obtained the fruits distributed by the committee. It aims to invite the elderly to regularly consume fruits and vegetables, in order to provide balanced nutrition for the body.

Grandma Ba’ia (60) is one of the elderly gymnastics participants who never pass the activities that are held every week in Rappokalling. Although age is not young anymore, but the spirit of Ba’ia Grandma Ba’ia remained smoldering.

“Every time I have this event, I never miss it. Although my age is old, but I believe that exercise is very beneficial to health. “Ba’ia said with a smile with his grandson.

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