sensasi-berbagi-rasa-pbs-surabayaSURABAYA. Participants of Smiles sharing week (PBS) this time is Ellis Fitroh Saraswati, a environmental health student who just finished her study.

Housed in ICD Wonocolo, she was very enthusiastic to join toddler posyandu activity in posyandu Anggrek which is located at Jl. Jetis Wetan Margorejo district. In these activities, she delivered health material entitled “Preventing diarrhea with clean and healthy lifestyle”.

In addition, Ellis also took time to share education to mothers who attend the activity related everyday environment faced by the wider community. Their enthusiasm is very high. Communications not only from Ellis’s explanation but they also actively asked.

This activity is a first experience for Ellis that required him to engage directly with the public. According to Ellis, the most memorable experience on in this activity are as she helps weigh and measure the height of a toddler.

“It was very unexpected. I can interact closely with activities related to health at the community level. I also got new knowledge about how the development of maternal and child health through Posyandu toddler like what is done by Cita Sehat and RZ in synergy with Posyandu cadres in Margorejo toodler “, Said Ellis, (16/11).

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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