YOGYAKARTA. Selasa (30/05) Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta again carry out the distribution of Quran. The second of Syiar Quran in the first week of Ramadan was held in Duku, RT. 02, Jambidan Banguntapan Bantul. A total of 10 packages of Quran and Iqra have been distributed to TPA At-Taqwa students, who are the beneficiaries of the Quran of Rumah Zakat.


The arrival of Rumah Zakat volunteers was greeted by smiling of Sunardi, the person in charge of TPA, the teachers of the TPA and the 27 children. Before the activities started, Rumah Zakat volunteers initiated the event by inviting the students to gather, form a circle, to lead the students enlivening the atmosphere.


On this occasion, Mr. Sunardi also had time to convey to the Volunteers that the TPA lack of teacher.


“The students here are quite a lot but we lack of human resources to teach, let alone this new TPA began to be active this year run after 10 years ago was stopped because of lack of funds.” Said Mr. Suhardi.


Through this activity, Mr. Sunardi hoped that Quran and Iqra distributed by Rumah Zakat can be beneficial for the development of religious science at TPA At-Taqwa, especially in the study and can be a helper for Rumah Zakat’s donator in the end of day.


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