SEPATU UNTUK ZULFIANA DAN ZULFIANIPIDIE JAYA. Introduce these gorgeous twins named Zulfiana and Zulfiani (8) who currently sits in second grade of SDN Peuduk Tunong.

The twins live a father, mother and sister who are currently living in a temporary home in Deah Teumanah village, the temporary house with tarpaulin roof and iron sheeting wall was built by the father after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that shook Pidie Jaya, Wednesday (12/07/2016 ).

When the earthquake happened the twins was sleeping suddenly they heard the roar that rattle the walls of their house and all that is in their room falling apart, the earth shake powerfully and followed by power outage, the atmosphere became pitch dark within seconds the house collapsed.

Alhamdulillah the debris rubble did not fall to the twins but father, mother and sister were buried in the rubble, at that time the twins were trying to help and ask for help to neighbors, after ± 30 min evacuated by a neighbor, their father, mother and sister were rescued.

The twins who are the first and the second child of three siblings are the daughter of Mr. Musri (35) and Mrs. Nurhasanah (25) who work as farmers with uncertain income and depends on the crop. This time to eat every day sometimes their mother would have owed rice to the neighbor. Before the earthquake occurred twins are cheerful and easy to get along with friends but now slightly grow quiet as possible because of the trauma they experienced.

The twins currently in desperate need school shoes for old shoes being buried in the rubble of their home and their father has not been charged for buying new shoes. “Alhamdulillah today we can give a smile to both of them with new shoes” Bang Ari said, the team of shoes distribution,

Not only Zulfiana and Zulfiani who got the shoes, but 34 other students who study in the same school with the twins , SDN Peuduek Tunong Pidie Jaya also got a pair of shoes. Shoes given to children are the donation of one of RZ Partner, LAZIS Jawa Tengah.

Zulfiana and Zulfiani were so happy when getting new shoes. “It was nice to have new shoes, Father does not need to find money to buy new shoes for us. Thank you Rumah Zakat and LAZIS Jawa tengah,” They said.

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Pidie Jaya

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