PALEMBANG. The look on Ferdy and Adit’s face was so cheerful, his footsteps rushing, occasionally joking with each other. Both boys aged 6 years is 2nd grade student in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 2 Palembang.


Ferdy is the fourth of five children, his father a guardian of a food stall who is also motorcycle-taxi rider. While his mother is a housewife, While Adit is the first child of two siblings, her father was a tailor and her mother is also a housewife.


Unlike the case with Riani and Kiki, although looking quieter, happy smiles radiated from their faces, Riani will go to class VI SD Negeri 127 Palembang, while Kiki will go to class IX SMP Negeri 3 Palembang.


Riani is the eldest of two siblings. Her father works as a guard and school janitor. While her mother wash and ironed clothes at a neighbor’s house. Not much different, Kiki’s mother also works to wash and iron the clothes of a neighbor’s house. Even the afternoon, Kiki took the time to help her mother work. Kiki’s father was dead when the third child of four siblings was 3 years old.


Meanwhile Nopri, peers of Ferdy and Adit, but school in different schools. Nopri is 2nd grade student of SD Negeri 127 Palembang. Both parents are separated. She now lives with her mother and grandmother in a simple rented house. The mother meets Nopri’s needs by becoming a household assistant.


The five children by Palembang Volunteer Team have previously been surveyed to become part of the Nusantara Shoe Children program. Not only academic achievement which is shown by rank in class, but also good in religion. Although he was only 14 years old, Kiki is trusted by his teacher to help his friends to study. Or like Adit, who has been able to memorize several surah in chapter 30, from Surat An-Naas to Surat At-Takatsuur.


Although economically included in the pre prosperous family, the children are always spiritedly pursuing the ideals. Walk early in the morning to school so as not to be late, each of them wants to be a doctor, a cop, and an engineer. Shoes are one of their hopes to be able to continue to study as high as possible.


On Wednesday (06/21), six volunteers invited Ferdy, Adit, Kiki, and Riani, to buy new shoes. Coming back from a shopping center, we headed to Palembang Grand Mosque to both perform dzhuhur prayers. Only then did the handover of a pair of shoes and socks as a gift of class increase with a satisfactory value for the four of them. Then for Nopri who just have been circumcised, a team of volunteers came to his house to give the prize.


“Thank God for this semester I can get 1st rank.Thank you to volunteer brothers, my shoes have been patched five times, so this new shoe is a memorable gift for me,” Kiki said representing her friends of the program beneficiaries of Nusantara Children Shoe.


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