In the moment of Isra ‘Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Muslims get relief for prayer. From 50 times, it becomes five times a day.

About fasting too, the current fasting starts from dawn until the sun sets. In the previous congregation, after the evening prayer and then falling asleep, believers were not allowed to eat another drink until the sun sets the next day.

Another difference with the previous people is that they do not eat sahur. While the Prophet Muhammad strongly advocated sahur, even though it was only a date palm.

In the month of Ramadan we are circumcised for tarawih prayer. Do not let the Muslim people pray tarawih, but instead leave five obligatory prayers.

In addition, in the month of Ramadan we are obliged to pay zakat fitrah. Other zakat is not required to be paid in the month of Ramadan. Indeed, zakat maal, such as zakah for trade and zakat for agricultural, must be hastened. It is better to pay zakat first, than to end it.

Zakat paid by waiting until the month of Ramadan is a dhalim act. Except zakat fitrah. Like agricultural zakat, it must be fulfilled when harvesting. The yield is not related to the month of Ramadan. So that day must also be fulfilled.

Facing the holy month of Ramadhan, all people should increase their worship. We also forgive each other, so that the fast we do is accompanied by a clean and sincere heart. In fact what we are doing is solely asking for blessings from Allah SWT.

source: republika.co.id


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