SHARING HAPPINESS ALA SD JUARA DALAM PERINGATI HARI ANAK INTERNASIONAL In order to celebrate the International Children’s Day which falls in July, SD Juara Cimahi under RZ guidance held Sharing Happiness event on Friday (06/10). The event was held in school, 148 students attended the event ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade.

The event opened with a performance from Percussion team of SD Juara Cimahi then continued to the performance of Kawit dance from the fourth grade students and peacock dance from students of fifth grade.

“Happiness is contagious. Of course we are very grateful to the donators who are willing to share his happiness with students of SD Juara Cimahi. Alhamdulillah the kids are very happy. May the goodness and joy can be fold many times, Hopefully this event becomes a motivation for them to learn and become the spirit to attain the achievement, “said Fipit Fitrianingsih, Principal of SD Juara Cimahi.

In the end, the school also presents storyteller from young Storytellers community Indonesia Yeni Sri. With his story style caught the attention of students, Yeni introduced Allah. The event was closed with the distribution of prizes to outstanding students.

“Alhamdulillah Sharing Happiness event went very solemn. Glad to see the children were enthusiastic, especially when the storytelling began. With storytelling, of course, in addition to entertaining kids also provides useful lessons for them, “said Kikim Suhud syamsul, Student Affairs of SD Juara Cimahi.

Newsroom / Fipit Fitrianingsih

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