MEDAN. Subari’s dream to have Betor (motorized becak) is now realized through Rumah Zakat by raising funds from donors through Sharing Happiness program. Pak Subari (61yo) is a balloon seller in around Medan City. He had an accident that required him to amputate one of his legs, but Mr. Subari did not give up, he still kept the spirit to earn a living even with just one leg.

Selling using a betor becomes a dream for Subari, because it can make him easy to work and do others daily activity. The process leading to the provision of this assistance takes a long time because the family needs careful consideration to allow Mr. Subari back to work due to his physical condition. In addition, the process of modification of two-wheeled motor into a tricycle (betor) also takes quite a long time.

But finally betor assistance can be realized on (23/08) at Mr. Subari’s residence, Starban street, Gg. Bilal number 4 which directly given by Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Medan, Budi Syahputra.

“I am very glad to get this betor from the donors of this Rumah Zakat. Hopefully I can start my business with this new Betor. May Allah reply the good for the donors, Aaamiin.” Sobari said happily.


Newsroom / Nely Umi Kulsum


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