sharing-happiness-wujudkan-bantuan-renovasi-rumah-pak-sugitoBANDUNG. Mr. Sugito is a resident of Cijerah hamlet RT 03 RW 03, Ngamprah village Tani Mulya subdistrict, Bandung Regency At the age of 56 years, Mr. Sugito still struggling to work as a handyman to earn money for his family.

Currently Mr. Sugito lives with two children who are still in school and his beloved wife is Mrs. Wasih (48). The test of life struck Mr. Sugito and his wife to be given a disease namely three-stage breast cancer. His wife has been suffering from the breast cancer for nearly two years. Currently the state of Bu Wasih could only lay helpless at home that was built donated by residents who pity to see the condition of Mr. Sugito’s family.

One of the hopes embodied by Mr. Sugito in addition to bring his wife treated is the desire to repair the houses they live. The house completed 40% still need a lot to be built. Development stalled due to funds donated by citizens who are not sufficient to complete the construction of Mr. Sugito’s house.

Through RZ’s donators shoulder to shoulder to help relieve the burden Mr. Sugito. Alhamdulillah aid collected is used to complete the construction of his house which was delayed. The aid was used to renovate the roof, walls and floor of Mr. Sugito’s house.
“With the help of RZ donators to renovate my house, it was very helpful besides our family condition that my income is erratic and wife who is sick.” Said Mr. Sugito.

Mr. Sugito continued, “We are very grateful for the donation, time, energy and thoughts from donator and Rumah Zakat. We hope this program continues and always helping people in need. Our prayers that Allah SWT to repay the donators and RZ administrators with doubled reward. Aamiin “, said Mr. Sugito.

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