sharinghappiness-hadiahkan-listrik-untuk-keluarga-nurmaKUBU RAYA. Electricity has become a major requirement in performing everyday activities. Today almost all regions in Indonesia already have access to electricity, including remote areas. But apparently there are still people who have not even feel the benefits of electricity. As well as Nurma house, one of the poor children who apply for RZ scholarships. Nurma Limbung lived in Sungai Raya village,, Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan.

At the time of the survey process to a location that has passed through a narrow alley, there is a house down the street that did not have vehicle access at all because the house is in the middle of the swamp. Seen a house with a size of 3 x 4 m with wood as the wall and zinc roof, the house is very simple, this house doesn’t  have electricity at all, and every night lit only by an oil lamp made of simple glass bottle. But no complaints came from Nurma, there is only passion that continues to smolder to continue learning.

Nurma is the first child of three brothers, but due to economic difficulties there is only one brother who lives at home while the other sister stays at relatives. Mr. Shafi, Nurma’s father, is a new convert since 33 years ago. Day-to-day Mr. Shafi’i only works as a handyman who earns no more than Rp 400,000 per month, even though sometimes he does not earn any income at all. To help meet the economic needs of the household, Mrs. Nurma usually helps the neighbors selling used clothing.

Alhamdulillah with goodness of heart from donators through sharinghappiness.org, there is a glimmer of hope for Nurma and family to feel the presence of electricity in the house. The process for the installation of power to the house requires a long process, from registration to the electrical installation of the PLN, waiting for the first survey of the PLN, and then reintroducing to PLN center to do a second survey.

The survey was carried out to check the feasibility and electrical installations. Once the survey is done then the installation of new electricity conducted on Wednesday (12/28).

Expression of gratitude could not be separated from Nurma’s mother, “Thank you for RZ and donors for the help, thanks to the help of our RZ family can enjoy electricity in peace without any worries of our electricity will be revoked.” He said. Now Nurma can also learn accompanied by light at night.

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