BANGLADESH. As a result of the attack by the army of Myanmar to Bhaguna Village, Maungdaw on (25/08), Muhammad Khasim (56yo) with his wife, Haamifah Hatu (38) and his three children were forced to leave their village to save themselves. The Burmese army is not only attacking the citizens, they also burn houses, cages and livestock owned by villagers.

Khasim’s family along with 90 other Bhaguna Village residents fled towards the Bangladesh border. With makeshift supplies, Khasim continued to walk for 28 days crossing the river, through the jungles while continuing to be on alert because the Myanmar army could have shot them with gunfire.

Khasim’s journey and his family to Bangladesh is not easy, not just a difficult terrain, but Khasim’s health condition was not good either. The asthma he had suffered for 3 years returned to recur on the way. Although difficultly walking in asthma conditions, Khasim continue to survive for the sake of his family.

Alhamdulillah, after 28 days of walking, the Khasim and 90 other Bhagavas arrived at Cox’s Bazar safely. Now Khasim and his family live in a Shelter made by Rumah Zakat Humanity Team in Balukhali Camp, still in Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh.

“For this first phase, we built a shelter for 20 families,” said Andri Murdianto, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team in Bangladesh. “We plan to build another shelter for refugees at other points,” said Andri.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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