JAKARTA. Monday (24/09) Shopee E-commerce Company collaborates with Rumah Zakat in the “Shopee bersama Lombok” campaign. This collaboration is a form of contribution to earthquake disaster recovery efforts in Lombok.

“Shopee bersama Lombok” campaign invites the public to join hands to help Lombok recovery. Shopee collaborated with Rumah Zakat and two other partner institutions as official collectors and distributors of donations collected “said Rezki Yanuar, Country Brand Manager of Shopee Indonesia at the Shopee Press Conference with Lombok (09/24)

This collaboration was welcomed by Chief Marketing Officer Irvan Nugraha, he assessed the commitment offered by Shopee in accordance with the ‘NTB Bangun kembali ‘ program that was promoted by the Zakat House as a rehabilitation program for Lombok after the earthquake.

“We see Shopee having a serious commitment from Shopee to contribute and have a positive impact on others. We also welcome the invitation to collaborate because it is in accordance with Rumah Zakat program, NTB Bangun Kembali, “said Irvan Nugraha.

The donations collected from the “Shopee bersama Lombok” campaign will later be channeled in the form of facilities, infrastructure, and other vital needs that are expected to support efforts to restore affected areas in Lombok.

The program campaigned by Rumah Zakat is Ambulance Car Assistance, Mosque construction, MCK / toilet construction, Construction of emergency schools, Construction of public kitchens and construction of shelter.

This collaboration adds convenience for the community to help rehabilitate Lombok, while for people who want to donate and participate in this campaign can directly access


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