SIAGA SEHAT WARNAI ACARA MAULID NABI MUHAMMADJAKARTA. RZ and Cita Sehat team visited Jl. Adhiyaksa Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta for staged Health preparedness on Sunday (01/08). Health preparedness was held after maulid event in the area. Health preparedness activity this time is to provide health services in the form of metabolic examination, but it also is the provision of supplementary food eaten during the event.


At 08.00 pm the participants were present for the registration and provision of supplementary food snack. The event began with the opening by MC, recitation of Quran, then remark and the core event is a lecture by Ustad Abdul Hay Somad who submitted material about creating a generation of obedience to Allah. All participants listened with a focus on the material presented and After it the event closed with prayer.


Once the event is finished, the participants enthusiastically signed up for the activity in the form of standby healthy metabolic examination, the number of participants as many as 63 people, consisting of both men and women. The participants were happy to follow this health examination and hopes later this activity was held back in the area.


“I am very happy, knowing that there are free health checks after the event. Besides getting new knowledge about Prophet Muhammad, I got to know the state of my health and have to maintain my diet. Thanks Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat. the service friendly. Hopefully, this activity can continue. ” said Sri Mulyati (51).

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