BANDUNG. UsSILATURAHMI USTADZ ERICK YUSUF DENGAN RZ SEMAKIN ERAT Erick Yusuf is an Ustadz who practices da’wah campaign creatively in various occasions, last Monday (04/11) he visited RZ Bandung. The purpose of his visit is to strengthen friendship and also reinforce the synergy with RZ. Right now he has remained active to pursue the development of creative islamic borading school that he initiated.

He perceives RZ as an institution that has done many things in various areas to improve the quality of life, also in poverty alleviation efforts. In this case, he said to RZ that RZ should also spread RZ’s spirit in the community because if RZ’s spirit conveyed to public then they will also do what was done by RZ, with the same spirit.

“With the presence of RZ we can feel great benefits, RZ is full of innovation. Every empowerment that RZ did in the community appears to further strengthen the conditions of society. By joining in RZ for the distribution of zakat, infaq, shadaqah, and also Waqf insya Allah, it will become a major force that benefits will be spread wider, “said Ustadz Erick.

“Consistency and humility are very important to be maintained. Sometimes we fall from a high place. So this is about how RZ keep all components or resources that exist to be consistent continuously that the goal is to keep close to Allah” His message, at the end meeting.***

Newsroom/Ai Ratih Rusmayanti

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