KEDIRI. Commemorating the day of the movement of one million trees. On Saturday (06/01/2018), Rumah Zakat together with 53 communities in the city of Kediri gathered to plant 1,000 trees in Damarwulan watershed location PTPN XII Ngrangkah, Sepawon, Satak Village, District Puncu. Kediri.

The communities that participated in the event were Rumah Zakat Kediri volunteers, Kediri Hijau Forum, Environmental Care Alliance, Ijo Royo-Royo, Bolo Ngopi, Semut Gunung Bersatu and others.

In addition to the action of planting trees, there are other activities undertaken by the whole community that is camping, watching together and playing music.

The next agenda on Sunday (07/01) is the Nationality Oration & Nature Maintenance Declaration that is the commitment of the whole community in attendance.

“Maintaining environmental conservation is one of Zakat House programs. Many programs from Rumah Zakat empower the community to care for the environment such as Waste Bank program, hydroponics, procurement of nutritious garden land and other programs. Maintaining the tree needs synergy with many parties, such as holding several communities to help and raise public awareness. Then today’s action to replace the trees that have been cut down residents, “said Elwien Rhoodhiana Branch Manager Rumah Zakat Kediri.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi


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