siswa-sd-juara-batam-antusias-pelajari-potensi-kepulauan-riauBATAM. On Wednesday (10/05) in the Boy Scouts activity of SD Juara Batam this time students learn Wonderful Riau Islands. a variety of things about Kepri Introduced to students include Creative Industry Activity, Arts, Culinary, Tourism Destinations, events held throughout the year 2016, up to a grain distribution of Hobby in Riau Islands.

“Introduction of Wonderful Riau addition to introducing local potential and Cultural of Riau Islands, this is also be a series of socialization of Kepri Go Digital Be The Best organized by the Department of Tourism Riau Islands some time ago, and as a stimulus to increase of the children’s interest. ” Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin said as Principal of SD Juara Batam.

Students are very enthusiastic about recognizing culture. They were divided into groups, each discussing one another, so that the stronger the students’ curiosity about the archipelagic to be known as the children of the nation.

Alea, 1st SD Champion graders Batam said, “Today we learned a lot of nice places, hopefully we can go to this place,”She said pointing the history of Penyengat Island.

Along with the Increasingly recognizing the wealth of this country, the students of SD Juara Batam Able to dreams, and contributing to Appear giving contribution to the country.

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