SISWA SD JUARA CILEGON SEMARAKAN KEGIATAN HUT PRAMUKACILEGON. On Sunday (08/14), which coincides with 55th Scout anniversary, Cibeber District Scout group held a race event. Scouts race is routinely held every year. In the race this time, SD Juara Cilegon also participated to enliven it. There are several races that were held in the race such as semaphore yells, the race to make a stretcher, and traditional games competitions ‘boy- boyan’.

Although students of SD Juara Cilegon are in Cub Scout level, but they still follow the spirit of this competition against a rival who is in Boy Scout level. The first race followed by SD Juara Cilegon is traditional games competitions ‘boy- boyan’.

Alhamdulillah in this game, SD Jura Cilegon made it into the quarter-finals. But unfortunately in the quarter-finals, SD Juara Cilegon could not manage to get into the next round. The next race is semaphore yells and the race to make a stretcher. In this race too, the student couldn’t managed yet to become champion. But the performance of students gets enthusiastic response from all guests who attended.

They were amazed to see the performance and the effort from SD Juara students who still Cub Scout against Boy Scout level. Although SD Juara Cilegon have not been successful in the race this time, but Mirnawati as scoutmaster of SD Juara Cilegon remain salute and proud of the student.

“Though in the race this time we have not succeeded, but I am still salute and proud of the student Because from the beginning of exercise until the competition they remain eager to follow it” She said.


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